What to Ask About Family Lawyers in Melbourne, Australia

Divorce Law Melbourne, sometimes referred to as marital law, is the first place to begin looking for information and legal advice on how to go about your divorce. Some of the more common services which family attorneys provide include: * Estate and Trust. This will cover the basic issues relating to property distribution after the marriage, such as who retains possession of the household goods. It will also cover anything to do with the division of finances, including dividing the pension and benefits and disbursements.

* Child Custody and Visitation. A family lawyer in Melbourne can generally get you the type of agreement you can make with the other parent that satisfies your specific needs and is fair to you and your children. There are many different types of agreements that have been put in place and they vary dramatically, from sole physical custody (where the parents share sole physical possession of their children) to shared and joint physical custody (where both parents have visited with the children during their visitation period). To find out what agreements are appropriate for your situation, contact a family lawyer in Melbourne. They will be able to assist you in making an informed decision regarding your divorce and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.

* Child Custody and Visitation. Again, there are many different kinds of arrangements that have been set-up for custody and visitation between the parents. Family lawyers in Melbourne are familiar with all of them and can help you work out an arrangement that is suitable for your particular circumstances. Some of the options that may be discussed with you are: shared custody (where both parents have custody of the children), joint custody (where both parents share equal legal rights and responsibilities regarding the children), sole physical custody (where the child has the responsibility for their own health care), and visitation rights. If you are looking for more information on these topics or on how to go about getting these arrangements, contact a family law attorney in Melbourne.

* Child Support. Again, a family lawyer in Melbourne can help you determine what the best route is for you to pursue when it comes to paying for your child’s needs. Depending on the specifics of your divorce, you may be awarded an amount of spousal support, child support, or a combination of both.

* Property Division. This refers to dividing up the properties accumulated during your marriage, such as a home or real estate, among the two parties during the divorce. The process for property division is a very involved one, and it is advised that you work through a licensed family lawyer in Melbourne who is experienced with these matters. In fact, some property divisions are not only complex, but they can also be very costly.

* Intellectual Property Division. This refers to dividing up the assets accumulated during your marriage that have nothing to do with the issues surrounding the divorce, such as retirement gifts and bank accounts. Family attorneys in Melbourne will know the ins and outs of this area of the law very well, and will often be able to get you results by working on a shared schedule of proceedings. The good divorce law Melbourne lawyers can also advise their clients on asset protection, especially if the assets involved have high values.

* Visitation Rights and Custody. This is probably the area of the law where family law attorneys in Melbourne really get to work. If you’re getting a divorce because of custody concerns, or visitation rights, then you’ll want to ensure that your attorney is skilled in this area of the law. Your attorney will know the latest information regarding child support, visitation rights, visitation schedules, and any other issue that could lead to a prolonged court battle. Your attorney will be able to mediate the matter so that both you and your spouse can come to an agreement regarding your divorce that is fair to you and your children.

* Property Division and Child Support. Even if you are getting a divorce because you and your spouse cannot agree about the division of property or the collection of child support, family lawyers in Melbourne can help. No matter how small the amount of property (like a couple’s home) that is involved, or what type of child support (like medical or educational), family lawyers in Melbourne will be able to find a solution that you both can live with. They will also be able to find a way for you to pay these bills and have a home of their own after a divorce.

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